A hardcore ska band, Modest Mouse covers and I Met the Walrus.

I originally started listening to Iron Horse as a joke, but it turns out I really like bluegrass Modest Mouse covers. Of particular liking is Trailer Trash.

Speaking of Modest Mouse, my favorite song by anyone is So Much Beauty in Dirt.

If you're like me and your musical interests have dabbled in both ska and hardcore - then you still might not like this band. But it's an interesting idea none the less. A Billion Ernies is a hardcore/ska band.

I Met the Walrus is a fantastic animated short set to an interview Jerry Levitan made with John Lennon. Jerry was 14 at the time and John was staying in hotel beds to promote peace.

Also worth checking out is the mp3 on kidsandexplosions.com.

Ok last thing. I like Jake Chessum's bio page. Interesting execution.

Keep it real. Katrina does.

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