Three Six Mafia - Smokin on the Dro

(This isn't quite a perfect example, but it'll do.)

Every one in a while I'll see a music video that makes me like a song I previously did not.


Dont' think twice, it's alright

Perception is funny. We have no other way to experience the world then through our own eyes. The things you know about people are true, until they're suddenly not.

My sister makes a concerted effort to not assume people are LDS. Suddenly she goes from everyone having about the same beliefs and morals to very few being like her in that respect.

The first time I realized that other people see the world differently then I do, I was blown away. I had a friend in high school who was very bitter and convinced the world was against her. I couldn't understand how she could see things that way, but because she did, that's how it was.

I used to worry about what the world was really like if everyone saw different things. I still do sometimes. People who who are absolutely convinced that they're doing everything right, when I can plainly see the miss steps taken. Those are the people that worry me now.

If you believe in God, you can at least say to yourself “They'll get their just reward after this life.” but if you don't believe, then it's likely nothing will happen. Justice is a construct of man and has no place in nature, bad people do bad things and get away with it.

Look people in the eye, shake hands with a firm grip and be good to the women in your life. Everything else works itself out.


Climate Change

This is an interesting article on Ars Technica.

(Emphasis added)

"There's an inevitable problem with trying to find trends in data that is subject to a great deal of random variability: unless the most recent point was a record high, it will always look like there's a downward trend."

"We're currently seeing that happen with the global temperature record, where the warmest year ever recorded, 1998, is receding into the past. As a result, reports of "global cooling" are appearing in the popular press, and smaller percentages of the US public are confident that the globe is warming. Unfortunately, all of this seems to be a misdirection; the Associated Press has performed a statistical sanity check on the claims of global cooling, and found that there's little to them."

I'm not trying to start a debate on climate change, all I'm saying is this is a good example of the media we absorb. Make sure you're getting your news from sources with integrity.

PBS and NPR are a good start. U.S. News if you want a conservative lean, Newsweek if you want a liberal take. Ars Technica if you like computers.

(Fox and CNN can suck it.)


The Spiral Jetty

We went down to the Spiral Jetty Saturday.

Here's a photographic rundown.

Allison pretends that she doesn't like it when I take her picture when she's driving, but all I see is a smile.

Allison read us an essay by Robert Smithson aloud before we walked to the jetty. The actual essay wasn't that good, but I like that Allison brought it.

I tried to think of a funny caption for this one. NOPE.

I post photos like this for Natalie.

Natalie: "Keut!"

Allison is O.G. No lie.

It was pretty windy and there was lots of foam. It made for an interesting scene.

The foam reminded me of seals. Really big, dumb, floppy seals.

Even though the crop on this photo is off, I still like it a lot.

When you're walking on the spiral, it's important to make sure that you stay on the path. It's a journey, not a destination. (Landon.)

Allison will say she looks bad, but everyone else in the whole world will say she looks cute. Especially Natalie, who will say it almost like I'm in trouble. "Trevor! She looks so cute!"

I'm so artistic.

I'm SO artistic.


The thing about this photo is, I didn't even tell Allison to stand like a model. That choice was made my her.

Must be in her blood.

There was supposed to be a rainbow in the background of this photo, but I overexposed the shot.

So that's that.



Boil the Ocean

If you're like me and you like skateboarding and thinking about skateboarding then you'll like this post.

And if you're not then you can go to hell.



My mom grew some carrots this year. Isn't this sweet?

Mom knows what's up.


Star Wars uncut

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

This could be so cool if done right. Moreover, I'd love to film my own 15 second clip, I just don't have a camera.

Anyone down to make this happen?