Dumb things I learned in church #2

"The harder you work on your mission, the hotter your wife will be."

Told to me by the Deacons Quorum leader who had the hottest wife of all the leaders.

A friend told me that they tell girls the same thing, only instead of "work hard on your mission" it's "the more you pray".



I ran 12 miles yesterday. I was going to try for 13 but I had to cut it short because around mile 10 the bottoms of my feet started hurting.

I ran from University Mall to a few blocks past center street, then home. It was a good run and my favorite part was the long road between the Mall and Provo. I like just pointing in a direction and just going, no turning or anything.

I listed to NPR the whole way (2 hours). Morning Edition is on an hour loop, so I heard a story about chicken gonads not once but twice.

Here are a few photo I took of my feet after. There's not much to see really. I've got a few blisters on the edge of my toes, but you can't really tell.

The only real difference is that my feet are more veiny then they usually are.

Also, this is a funny picture.

Not funny "Ha-ha" though. Maybe it's just a photography joke.

You know what else is funny (but not funny "Ha-ha")? Natalie is the only person who can read this blog right now. Aren't you glad I added you? For photos of my feet?