Editing a full wedding can take up to 8 hours, so I'm always on the lookout for stuff to occupy the parts of my brain not being used to edit. RadioLab tends to fit that description pretty well. It's informative, smart and for whatever reason I usually know a little about what they're talking about-so it's not too hard to follow if I'm not paying my full attention.

I downloaded the episode titled In Silence thinking I was going to get another bout of science learning from Jad, Robert and WNYC.

This episode came out early April, right before Easter and Passover. To commemorate the time, Robert Krulwich recorded a sermon. In the sermon Robert talks about obedience to God and what it must have been like for those tasked with being prophets. He talks about what silence means and touches on mans relationship with God.

It's a beautiful talk-I've listened to his sermon three times since downloading it last week. As there is with much religious discourse, a firm answer isn't presented. Some things are just inexplicable. Sometimes we're just left to wonder.

I guess one has to be able to take comfort in the process, rather then the result.



I love girls who go on missions. No lie.

Of course broad statements are almost always false (or at least have an arguable counter-point) but seems that girls who go on missions are across the board pretty with it.

Typically a girl goes out for the right reasons (not because the parents said they'd buy you a Jeep if you stuck it out,) they're willing to put up with the less than desirable things a mission has to offer and they have their life figured out enough to think putting everything on hold for a 1 1/2 years is a good idea.

Even girls who consider going on missions I tend to like more. Since there generally isn't the social pressure for girls to go out into "the field" just the fact that a girl considered it reflects well on them.

Don't get me wrong-there's girls out there who waste everyone's time, no doubt. But in my experience XX-RM's are all sorts of smart, level headed and mature.

So in conclusion: I back chick missionaries, 100%.

*If this post surprises you, then your are being too damn judgmental.