Colorado, Part 1

The Christensen side of my family had a reunion last week. My mom was too sick to go, so my dad and I made the trek alone.

Most of my cousins are married with children, so facilities that can hold our 4 generation, 90+ member family are in the minority.

This years fam-straviganza was at a YMCA in Estes, Colorado. Because Estes is surrounded by mountains, it was easier to get there via Wyoming.

Wyoming isn't that bad, it's just, you know, hellishly boring.

I dealt with sky country by reading You Just Don't Understand by Deborah Tannen, sleeping and taking pictures out the window.

Anyway, here is what getting to Colorado looks like.

My dad made a joke about this being a windmill farm, and how they were growing windmills.

I did not laugh.

Stayed a night at a Motel 6.

We stopped to look at this big crane, called a dragline excavator. The cab was probably three times the height of that truck on the right.

Made it.