Most of you already know this.

But I think I'm pretty funny sometimes.

Also, I've been organizing my photos lately. I have an excess of 220 GB of photos on my external drive. I know right?

There's lots of photos* I could get rid of, so I'm going to try to half that number in the next week, but still. Ugh. I'm going to need to figure out an online storage solution.

*These are not examples of photos I intend to get rid of.


College Photographer of the Year.

I'm working on putting one essay in every issue of the Love City Zine, so photo essays are on my mind. These are all winners of the College Photographer of the Year contest. Check them.

This essay is a beautiful look at the life of Isaac Maccombs and his parents. I find myself proud.

Hunters Point, 'We Out Here'. Gang stuff. Good. Sad.

The Way We Live. Drug use & families. Again, good and sad.

Check out the rest here.


No swine

The worst thing about having been sick for so almost a week is that I can't get up and run whenever I'm in the mood.

A surprising amount of times this week I've wanted to go running very early in the morning (like three or four or five A.M.), but haven't been able to because I knew it would (somewhat literally) kill me.

Anyway I'll have a job soon, so I wont be able to wake up at two and decided to see how far I can run that day.

Whatever, I need the money.


Christopher Anderson, you just blew my mind

"A single image gets weighted down by its literal information. When you put two of them together, some other sort of emotional power can come out of that."

- Christopher Anderson

Via A Photo Editor



If you're looking for free online storage or a good way to transfer files above 10mb then I suggest Dropbox. Ars gives it a thumbs up (which is good enough for me).

Why am I writing about this? 1. Dropbox is a really great program. 2. If you sign up by using the Dropbox link, I get extra storage.


Love City Zine

Issue 2 of the Love City Zine is now out. Sometime this week I'm going to leave a few around the downtown Provo area. I'll let ya'll know when I do. Until then you can download the .pdf here.

Love City Zine


That's my sister.

Don't mess.

I'm not really a fan of Slate Magazine, so I enjoyed this.