In red or black or rusted yellow

So I'm selling my motorcycle to raise money for a vehicle.

More accurately a truck.

(Specifically a Toyota.)

One that will say "YO" on the back.

My 8 year old self would think I am so cool.



I like this video so much I have plans to rip it off in the bro–vid* Trace and I are making.

Also, my friend Allison wrote a blog post that mentions me. And I thought I'd pass it along cause everyone is down for me, right?

*It's more then likely that this bro–vid will never exist. Be a boy can dream, no?


What it's like to be a girl.

When I'm shooting people I periodically ask them to hold my camera. Sometimes it's because I need to get to a different position, sometimes it's because I have to get something from the car.

When I leave the camera with someone unattended the temptation often proves too great and they inevitably* take a few photos.

Only after I upload the photos on my computer do I see their transgression.

It's kind of like a fun surprise.

Anyway, this is what I imagine it's like to be a girl.

*I would too.