What it's like to be a girl.

When I'm shooting people I periodically ask them to hold my camera. Sometimes it's because I need to get to a different position, sometimes it's because I have to get something from the car.

When I leave the camera with someone unattended the temptation often proves too great and they inevitably* take a few photos.

Only after I upload the photos on my computer do I see their transgression.

It's kind of like a fun surprise.

Anyway, this is what I imagine it's like to be a girl.

*I would too.


  1. At first I thought you meant getting people to hold your camera is like girls getting people to hold their purse while they go do something. But yes, staring down at pointy shoes is exactly what it's like to be a girl.

  2. Is the top one me? I don't even remember taking that one. Ha ha.