Last Train Home - Lost Prophets - The Best Song Ever Recorded

This is a list I just made about why Last Train Home by the Lost Prophets is the best song/video ever.

1. Photography brings them together.
2. This video makes me feel like I did when I was in 9th grade.
3. I could listen to this song unironically every day for the rest of my life.
4. Dreadlocks-headphone-chill-skate-guy is featured. I love that guy.
5. The "beat up car, but we don't care because we have friends" ethos is strong in this one.
6. For some reason they play a show on a truck bed.
7. Gratuitous use of BMX*.
8. A train is only featured once in this video, which is way more subtle then you'd expect.
9. Seriously, this song just rules.
10. Keyboardsinger.
11. Surburban industrial low-class wasteland.

BONUS: There are some students sitting right by me, not even knowing how hard I'm rocking out right now. They can't even imagine.

I'm going to go home and look up some art I made during 8-9th grade now. Expect a lot of Photoshopped self portraits.

*Any use counts and gratuitous.


Banksy did a Simpsons intro - but it's actually kind of dissapointing.

They Keep Doing It!

You know Gap itself hasn't actually changed. Just the logo. I know that it's a bummer that it looks like the American Apparel logo, and I'm super proud of all those eagle eyed font jerks for being able to recognize helvetica out in the wild*, but seriously: It's not that bad.

In fact, I'm not really annoyed with these companies rebranding their image. I do it about once a year**. What does annoy me is this. It's the irate, even palpable rage that surfaces when whatever name + another name design firm fails to please the armchair design experts our internet seems to be brimming with.

So on that note of hostility I bring to your attention, another bad redesign. It seems that MySpace in all it's blood filled coughing, 2004 wet dreaming, mascot Tom abandoning, being owned by a evil media company hell bent on spewing black sludgly nonsense into our gulf of information/celebrity gossip, wisdom. . . has deemed it right to fit the site with a new logo.

A (dreaded) redesign.

Get it? Because, it's like, a space where the "Space" would normally go.

Ouch man. Here's a TechCrunch article about it.

*Well, no I'm not. They made an entire movie about it, and you'll earn no points from me for having seen it.

**I don't have a professional graphic designer AND about once a year I change what kind of photography I want to do. (These days it's the kind where I get paid.)


I Mean Damn

Isn't that a great boot?

I mean, damn.

The Timberland "Earthkeeper" Boot is even environmentally friendly. Which is great, because I love both the environment and friends.

F Stop Watch

This is a watch that does not have the sequence of numbers that one is normally used to.

Awesome, isn't it? It's called the F Stop Watch.

For those of you who are not versed in photography, this watch features only common apertures as numbers on the face.

If you're into that kind of thing, it's hilarious.



Because I'm starting to feel someone who posts too much on Facebook, I'm going to start posting more links on this* blog.

This is an article about spending habits on Playboy.com. If you're not into naked(ish) chicks on the internet I recommend browsing with your images off.

(Firefox = Tools / Options / Content / uncheck "Load images automatically")

Anyway, I think I'm going to change my pricing structure a bit to better take advantage of these findings. So there.

*This blog sort of only exists so I can own things related to my name.



This is a list of commonly used passwords.

Check out the MySpace ones. You can really tell the demographic.