They Keep Doing It!

You know Gap itself hasn't actually changed. Just the logo. I know that it's a bummer that it looks like the American Apparel logo, and I'm super proud of all those eagle eyed font jerks for being able to recognize helvetica out in the wild*, but seriously: It's not that bad.

In fact, I'm not really annoyed with these companies rebranding their image. I do it about once a year**. What does annoy me is this. It's the irate, even palpable rage that surfaces when whatever name + another name design firm fails to please the armchair design experts our internet seems to be brimming with.

So on that note of hostility I bring to your attention, another bad redesign. It seems that MySpace in all it's blood filled coughing, 2004 wet dreaming, mascot Tom abandoning, being owned by a evil media company hell bent on spewing black sludgly nonsense into our gulf of information/celebrity gossip, wisdom. . . has deemed it right to fit the site with a new logo.

A (dreaded) redesign.

Get it? Because, it's like, a space where the "Space" would normally go.

Ouch man. Here's a TechCrunch article about it.

*Well, no I'm not. They made an entire movie about it, and you'll earn no points from me for having seen it.

**I don't have a professional graphic designer AND about once a year I change what kind of photography I want to do. (These days it's the kind where I get paid.)

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