Last Train Home - Lost Prophets - The Best Song Ever Recorded

This is a list I just made about why Last Train Home by the Lost Prophets is the best song/video ever.

1. Photography brings them together.
2. This video makes me feel like I did when I was in 9th grade.
3. I could listen to this song unironically every day for the rest of my life.
4. Dreadlocks-headphone-chill-skate-guy is featured. I love that guy.
5. The "beat up car, but we don't care because we have friends" ethos is strong in this one.
6. For some reason they play a show on a truck bed.
7. Gratuitous use of BMX*.
8. A train is only featured once in this video, which is way more subtle then you'd expect.
9. Seriously, this song just rules.
10. Keyboardsinger.
11. Surburban industrial low-class wasteland.

BONUS: There are some students sitting right by me, not even knowing how hard I'm rocking out right now. They can't even imagine.

I'm going to go home and look up some art I made during 8-9th grade now. Expect a lot of Photoshopped self portraits.

*Any use counts and gratuitous.