I love girls who go on missions. No lie.

Of course broad statements are almost always false (or at least have an arguable counter-point) but seems that girls who go on missions are across the board pretty with it.

Typically a girl goes out for the right reasons (not because the parents said they'd buy you a Jeep if you stuck it out,) they're willing to put up with the less than desirable things a mission has to offer and they have their life figured out enough to think putting everything on hold for a 1 1/2 years is a good idea.

Even girls who consider going on missions I tend to like more. Since there generally isn't the social pressure for girls to go out into "the field" just the fact that a girl considered it reflects well on them.

Don't get me wrong-there's girls out there who waste everyone's time, no doubt. But in my experience XX-RM's are all sorts of smart, level headed and mature.

So in conclusion: I back chick missionaries, 100%.

*If this post surprises you, then your are being too damn judgmental.


  1. Hah, totally reconsidering a mission right now. But NOT because I read this post. <3

  2. If you went on a mission I'd probably see you about as much as I do now.