Climate Change

This is an interesting article on Ars Technica.

(Emphasis added)

"There's an inevitable problem with trying to find trends in data that is subject to a great deal of random variability: unless the most recent point was a record high, it will always look like there's a downward trend."

"We're currently seeing that happen with the global temperature record, where the warmest year ever recorded, 1998, is receding into the past. As a result, reports of "global cooling" are appearing in the popular press, and smaller percentages of the US public are confident that the globe is warming. Unfortunately, all of this seems to be a misdirection; the Associated Press has performed a statistical sanity check on the claims of global cooling, and found that there's little to them."

I'm not trying to start a debate on climate change, all I'm saying is this is a good example of the media we absorb. Make sure you're getting your news from sources with integrity.

PBS and NPR are a good start. U.S. News if you want a conservative lean, Newsweek if you want a liberal take. Ars Technica if you like computers.

(Fox and CNN can suck it.)

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